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Stephen Fairweather

BSc (hons), PhD (Biochemistry)

Stephen Fairweather

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Career focus: Membrane Protein Physiology and Biochemistry

My research focuses on the biochemistry and physiology of membrane transporter proteins. We use various biophysical and analytical chemistry methods for the investigation of structure-activity relationships in these proteins.

Stephen Fairweather

Current research interests include elucidating the identity, function and importance of amino acid transporters in Humans and in the major human pathogens from the phylum Apicomplexa: Toxoplasma gondii and Plasmodium spp. I am immensely interested in showing how the intrinsic physical chemistry of membrane transporters are vital for understanding their more obviously manifest biological and physiological roles in the whole organisms. I enjoy very much applying new techniques into the novel setting of membrane physiology. Recently this includes widening our research expertise to incorporate high resolution metabolomic techniques such as GC-QQQ and LC-MS/MS, and the use of Molecular Dynamic simulations to enhance our understanding derived from classical physiology and protein chemistry experiments.

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