How to edit these docs

You’ll need a GitHub account and push permissions for the OMaralab/sushi repo.

Conda environment

Make a new conda environment:

conda create --name docs
conda activate docs

Install sphinx, sphinx_rtd_theme, and sphinx-autobuild:

conda install sphinx
pip install sphinx_rtd_theme
pip install sphinx-autobuild

Download this repo:

git clone
cd sushi/docs


Link pages to index.rst. You can write in Markdown or RestructuredText, I think. RestructuredText is more flexible while Markdown is much quicker. Check how your docs look with:

python -m sphinx_autobuild source build

To push back to GitHub, you need to make the files. I usually remove the build directory first to ensure everything is refreshed.

rm build
make github
git add .
git commit -m 'updated'
git push origin master